Data collection - Surveys

Because our clients transport challenges for tomorrow are unlimited, so too are our solutions in use of equipment and data-collection techniques. Call us early in the planning stage to ensure the best professional advice on survey-type selection and innovative multi-disciplinary approaches. If you know what you need, then call us for information on some of our more popular survey types such as:

Manual classification
Pedestrian count
Queue length and delay
Vehicle registration / Anpr
Roadside interview
Vehicle speed
Pedestrian / Passenger interview
Automatic traffic count
Public transport data
Journey time
Video survey
Telephone survey
Traffic Management

To guarantee speed, reliability, cost-effectiveness and safety we have invested in our own traffic management equipment to provide clients with a one-stop hassle-free service, which bypasses the usual delays that arise from sub-contracting.



We strive to provide our clients with:

-professional expertise

-wide-ranging experience


-tailor-made multi-discipline

-reliable and accurate data

-smart data presentation

-intelligent analysis

-timely delivery

-effective service management